Michael Cioffi is a product leader, and a sports type of human being — the wins, losses, ties, and all in between.

Being a Boston native, Michael grew up an all-season runner, and appreciates how recreation and fitness can improve well-being, while providing a backbone to build close-knit communities.

Michael spends his current day(s) crafting sports trivia and data visuals for fans and journalists alike.

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My Current Work



Dive into the universe of sports, offerings on superstardle.com

Webmcioffi Studio

Webmcioffi Studio

Creative engineering, data viz, and marketing tooling services

My Education

Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University (2013-2014)

Product Design Major - Masters

Harvard University

Harvard University (2007-2011)

Engineering & Computer Science Major - Bachelor of Science

My Experience


Superstardle (2024-current)

Crafting a new take on sports engagement for fans & journalists

Aetna Health

Aetna Health (2017-2023)

Making personal health cheaper to manage for your family


Zipdrug (2016-2017)

Redefining the patient experience in concierge pharmacy

CVS Health

CVS Health (2015-2016)

Developing health messaging platforms for patients


Pushtribe (2014-2015)

Facilitating mentorship relationships and communities

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric (2011-2013)

Supporting industrial software automation in factories